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'Holby City' apologises after a big error in diabetes storyline

Holby City cast
Holby City has apologised for misrepresenting a treatment for diabetes. (Image credit: BBC)

Holby City has apologised after a mistake involving a suspected diabetes storyline, where a patient was recommended an incorrect treatment. 

In the episode, doctor Jeong-Soo Han was seen treating a patient with suspected diabetes. Jeong told the patient she was "hyperglycaemic" and needed glucose, but fans were quick to criticise the show for getting the diagnosis wrong.

Concerned viewers pointed out that a glucagon injection is actually a treatment for someone who has hypoglycemia (sometimes referred to as a "hypo" for short), where their blood sugar levels are too low, and not too high (which is known as a "hyper"). Giving glucose to someone with high blood sugar levels could have fatal consequences if left untreated.

One fan pointed out the error on Twitter and explained the difference, writing: "Please don’t give us more glucose if our blood sugar is high!! Hypoglycaemic- we need sugar! Hyperglycaemic- we need insulin!"

Holby City has since responded to the error, writing: "Thank you to everyone who got in touch about our error on last week’s #HolbyCity where a patient was administered the wrong medicine for diabetes. We are actively taking measures to correct the error before any further broadcast of the episode."

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The episode is not currently available on BBC iPlayer due to the mistake, but previous episodes of the medical drama are still there for those needing to catch up. It looks like the episode won't be available to watch until the mistake is corrected.

This news comes after the news that Holby City would end after 23 years on the BBC. The long-running medical series is ending in 2022, with the broadcaster saying it was a "tough decision" and it had been made to reflect their "commitment to [making] more programmes across the UK and to better reflect, represent and serve all parts of the country".

However, fans are petitioning to save the much-loved series.

Holby City airs on BBC1 on Tuesdays at 8.20pm.

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