Five fantastic reasons to watch the Holby City/Casualty crossover

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Everything you need to know about Holby City’s two-part crossover with Casualty

Whether you’re exclusively a fan of BBC1’s Casualty, prefer sister-show Holby City, or love both medical dramas equally, you will not want to miss the upcoming, high-octane two part crossover celebrating Holby City’s 20th anniversary.

Here we reveal everything you need to know about the historic Holby City/Casualty crossover...

A rare occurrence for a special occasion

This is the first Holby City/Casualty crossover joining the cast of both medical dramas since 2005. Sure there’s been guest appearances from the characters of each medical drama in their sister-series, but this two-parter, running across both dramas, promises to be something special in celebration of Holby City’s 20th anniversary year.

How will it work?

Events kick off in Casualty (BBC1, Saturday 02 March) when the ED is hit by a cyber attack. Downstairs in the emergency department staff quickly learn that a computer virus is interfering with the entire hospital’s software, including upstairs in Holby City’s wards. The concluding part of the crossover airs in Holby City (BBC1, Tuesday 05 March) with medics from both medical dramas battling to save the lives of show favourites.

Who will star in the crossovers?

Numerous characters from both shows will appear in both Casualty and Holby City, with everyone’s stories intertwined across the two action-packed episodes. Those involved from Casualty include Amanda Mealing, Tony Marshall, Jason Durr and Jaye Griffiths. While Bob Barrett, Hugh Quarshie. Guy Henry, Jaye Jacobs, Catherine Russell and Rosie Marcel are among the confirmed Holby City stars.

At the scene of a devastating car crash Holby City's Sacha begs Casualty's Elle to save the occupants

At the scene of a devastating car crash Holby City's Sacha begs Casualty's Elle to save the occupants

What happens?

Many of the intense storylines are under wraps for now, but we can reveal Holby City’s Sacha Levy (Bob Barrett) is involved in a car crash with his daughter Beka (Francesca Barrett) and Ric’s (Hugh Quarshie) granddaughter Darla (Naomi Katiyo)…

Meanwhile, Connie Beauchamp is desperately trying to save the life of one of her team members among the chaos. With both Connie’s patient and Sacha in need of urgent, life-saving surgery and only one theatre available while the hospital experiences a loss of power, long-time enemies Connie and Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) have to make an agonising choice – which of their friends will they try and save first?

A secret liaison will be revealed

Simon Harper, Executive Producer of Holby City and Casualty, has revealed that a character from Casualty and a character from Holby City have a steamy secret! Speaking about the crossover Simon says: “There’s so much to relish in the cross-show character interactions… Connie and Jac in delicious conflict, and perhaps most vitally, who from Casualty has been secretly carrying on with whom from Holby!”

The crossover begins in Casualty on Saturday 2nd March and concludes during Holby City on Tuesday 5th March on BBC One.

For more insider information on why Casualty’s emergency department team and Holby City’s surgical team are forced together in extraordinary circumstances check out our coverage in What’s on TV magazine, on sale from Tuesday 26 February 2019.

Extra, fun fact

This episode sees a welcome return of Sacha’s daughter Beka, portrayed by real life father and daughter Bob and Francesca Barrett!

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