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Holby City to see MASSIVE Christmas bust up between Sacha and Jac

Bob Barrett plays Sacha in Holby City
(Image credit: BBC)

Holby City to see big argument between Jac and Sacha when she accuses him of rushing into things after Essie's death, teases star

It’s Christmas-time in Holby City but Sacha Levy certainly doesn’t look like a man who’s just proposed marriage to his new love.

Jodie's (Sian Reese-Williams) excitement over their nuptials is making the consultant feel a little overwhelmed, particularly as he's facing opposition from pals Dom and Jac, who accuse him of rushing into things so soon after Essie's death.

"Jac and Sacha have got such a wonderful friendship but it hits the buffers when Jac tries to get through to him about how he’s behaving," says Bob Barrett, who plays Sacha. "What’s amazing about Sacha and Jac is that they can be appalling to each other but they never fall out. It’s remarkable!"

Beka gets Holby City Christmas shock...

Sacha's stunned when daughter Beka (played by Bob's real-life daughter Francesca Barrett) turns up on the ward, having been called by Jac, and demands to know what’s going on with her dad. Beka’s shocked when Jodie suddenly blurts out they’re engaged!

Sacha and Beka Holby City

Daughter in the house: Beka (Francesca Barrett) doesn't approve of Sacha's new squeeze Jodie...

Beka and Sacha have a heart-to-heart as she tries to talk some sense into her dad - but he refuses to listen. "Francesca is brilliant as Beka and having her back on the show is amazing," says Bob. "As her dad, I’m drowning in admiration and pride for her."

When Jodie tries to worm her way into Beka's good books with an early Christmas present, Beka flatly rejects the gift and makes it clear to Jodie that she should back off. But we get the impression Jodie does NOT like being pushed out…

Jodie (Sian Reese-Williams) tries to butter up Beka with a Christmas gift. But Beka's unimpressed...

Jodie (Sian Reese-Williams) tries to butter up Beka with a Christmas gift. But Beka's unimpressed...

Later, Jodie seemingly wants to bury the hatchet with a pre-Christmas tipple… but then secretly slips something in Beka’s drink. Are Sacha’s loved ones right to be wary of Jodie?

"Beka is very instrumental to this story," says Bob. "She’s a fantastic character and a real catalyst for what happens next."

Holby City continues Tuesdays on BBC1.