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Heartbroken Holby City fans 'in bits' after THIS tragic twist leaves them in tears

Holby City
(Image credit: BBC)

Life at Holby City will never be the same again...

There was heartache in Holby City last night when Essie Di Lucca's lost her battle with terminal cancer.

But in a tragic final twist, the beloved character passed away on her wedding day, just moments before she was due to marry Sacha Levy.

Holby City BBC One

Sasha found the Rabi, while Dominic got Essie ready for her big day (Picture: BBC)

In the episode, which was the last to air before the show goes off air for a while due to a break in filming, dying Essie asked Sasha to bring their wedding day forward, and surprised him by asking him to marry her that same day.

Viewers were left devastated when Essie discovered she didn't have long left to live, and have watched as she has put final arrangements in place over the last few weeks.

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Having organised the arrangements for baby Isla's care, Essie then focused on her marriage to Sasha, and the pair excitedly put their plans for the big day into motion.

Holby City BBC One

Essie tragically passed away while en route to her wedding to Sasha (Picture: BBC)

But while Sasha got the ceremony covered, Dominic got Essie ready for her big moment, while Fletch offered to walk her down the aisle.

Heartache for Sasha 

However, Essie and Sasha's fairytale moment sadly wasn't meant to be Essie passed away as Sasha waited at the altar for his bride.

Fletch was devastated to find that Essie had slipped away while he was wheeling her to the chapel, and then faced the devastating task of breaking the news to the groom.

Holby City BBC One

Heartbroken Fletch was given the task of telling Sasha Essie had died (Picture: BBC)

After telling Sasha what happened, Fletch then had to tell the waiting congregation why the wedding wouldn't be taking place, leaving Essie's friends and colleagues in tears.

But they weren't the only ones.

Holby City BBC One

Fans were left in tears as Sasha said goodbye to the love of his life (Picture: BBC)

Fans of the medical drama were devastated at the tragic twist and took to Twitter to share their heartache...

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As well as heartache, the episode also left fans on a cliffhanger as Ric Griffin found himself in big danger as his nemesis Guy Self performed life-threatening brain surgery on him.

But while it looked like Ric would be okay, his fate was then thrown into question when he failed to wake from his anaesthetic.

Will Ric be okay?

Holby City will return to BBC One later in the year.