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Holby City star Kaye Wragg on Essie and Sacha's SHOCK wedding!

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With time against her, Holby City nurse Essie Di Lucca wants to marry Sacha Levy sooner rather than later, reveals Kaye Wragg...

After accepting Sacha Levy's proposal to marry him, Holby City nurse Essie Di Lucca was then given the shock news she was terminally ill with cancer and didn’t have long to live.

Next time, not wanting to wait a moment longer, Essie asks Sacha to marry her… today!

Holby City Sacha Essie wedding W33

Terminally ill Essie (Kaye Wragg) wants to marry Sacha (Bob Barrett) straight away...

With Essie wanting to spend whatever time she’s got left as his wife, Sacha (Bob Barrett) frantically sets about planning the wedding. Luckily, Rabbi Stein (David Horovitch) can officiate at short notice.

Holby City Sacha Rabbi Stein

Sacha asks Rabbi Stein (David Horovitch) if he can officiate the ceremony. The Rabbi is happy to oblige...

As Essie and the Rabbi have a heart to heart, Essie wonders if her cancer is punishment for her family history and feels marrying Sacha will heal old wounds.

"Essie's suffered a lot of trauma in her life that's left her on her own," says Kaye Wragg, who plays her.

"She lost her parents, her grandfather was a Nazi war criminal, she couldn’t have children and her husband, Raf, was killed. For years, Sacha and Essie should have been together – and now they finally are."

Sacha asks Jac Naylor in Holby City to be his 'his best man'

To help Essie get ready for her big day, Dom fetches her wedding dress then offers to do her hair and make-up! Meanwhile, Sacha puts Jac in charge of getting the rings – and asks if she’ll be his ‘best man’!

All that’s left is for someone to walk Essie down the aisle. And after being by her side throughout her cancer fight, Fletch is honoured.

Holby City Essie and Fletch W33

Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) is delighted when good friend Essie asks if he'll walk her down the aisle...

As Sacha and all the guests gather for the ceremony, Fletch walks a fragile Essie down the hospital corridor towards the multi-faith room. Will it be a day to remember?

"This is a story of friendship, fighting for survival and explores the headspace that having cancer puts you in," says Kaye. "Essie’s had her life put on a plate in front of her and she’s realised it’s about holding onto what's important."

Holby City will be taking an extended break following this episode. The medical drama will return in the autumn.

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