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Holby City spoilers: Will furious Guy kill his nemesis Ric?

Holby Guy Self (John Michie) disciplinary hearing
(Image credit: BBC)

As Ric Griffin is put to sleep ahead of urgent brain surgery, does his arch-rival Guy Self have him just where he wants him?

After a knock to the head revealed a cyst on his brain, Ric Griffin needs urgent surgery in Holby City in this episode (see our TV Guide for full listings). But he seems reluctant to go under the knife, mainly because he doesn’t want his good friend – acting CEO Max McGerry – to operate.

Ric (Hugh Quarshie), however, is hiding some worrying symptoms such as visual disturbance – he fails to notice an injured teen being thrown from a vehicle outside the hospital.

Holby Ric Griffin poor eyesight

As Ric's (Hugh Quarshie) symptoms worsen, he struggles to spot an injured man outside the hospital...

Meanwhile, neurosurgeon Guy Self (John Michie) is back at Holby for a disciplinary hearing after being suspended for smashing a mirror in the hospital toilets during an angry outburst.

Guy's adamant the incident wouldn’t have occurred if Ric hadn't repeatedly tried to undermine him that day – so he's annoyed when Ric shows up at the hearing! Ric claims he was worried recovering alcoholic Guy was going to operate while drunk.

When Ric says Guy's suspension should only be lifted if he agrees to have blood tests to prove he's not been drinking, Guy launches himself at Ric in a furious rage! As Guy leaves the room, he warns Ric: ‘If karma doesn’t get you, I will.’ Outside in his car, Guy has a relapse as he swigs from a bottle of whisky…

Holby City Max (Jo Martin) operates on Ric

Max (Jo Martin) is just about to operate on Ric when she's called away to an emergency...

Later, Ric finally agrees to Max operating but, just as he’s put to sleep, Max is called away to an emergency. Guy overhears a neurosurgeon is needed in theatre… and that the patient is Ric! Will Guy cause his nemesis harm?

Meanwhile, cancer-stricken Essie wants to know why Sacha’s avoiding her – and why Frankie suddenly refused to take back baby Isla. Backed into a corner, Sacha’s forced to come clean about sending Frankie away because he wanted Essie to keep Isla for a while longer to give her something to live for. As an argument ensues between the pair, Essie collapses!

Also, Cameron's devastated that Chloe's thinking about dating again and seeks comfort… from Nicky!

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.