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Holby City star David Ames reveals if THIS character will be returning to the series

Holby City Dom
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

David Ames on what's in store...

Holby City star David Ames has hinted that his character’s abusive ex might be making a comeback.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the Holby City star said, “We've left it wide open. He hasn't been discussed a lot since, so I suppose it would be down to the writers.”

David plays surgical registrar Dom Copeland, and his ex-boyfriend Isaac Mayfield was sent to prison for brutally attacking him in 2017. But Isaac made a surprise return earlier this year.

Isaac and Dom Holby City

Isaac made a shock Holby City comeback earlier this year (Image credit: BBC)

Speaking about working with Marc Elliott, who plays the villainous character, he said that he was "a joy" to work with despite the serious nature of their storyline.

David added: “It was a very dark story to deal with, but doing it with someone who makes me laugh every five minutes was a dream. It kept everything light. I really hope that can be explored again at some point."

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Issac was brought back into the show to explore what happens when an abuser comes back into someone’s life, and the repercussions of it.

David said: “We thought it was important to tell the original story of the abuse and how that came about, but also to show that, as much as you can heal from it, it doesn't leave you entirely.

"There are certain things you have to revisit and certain issues that don't go away so easily. That is what we wanted to get from the story when Isaac came back and threw a cat amongst the pigeons, especially now that Dom is happily married. We wanted to see where that went.”

It seems like David is keen to work with Marc again in the future, to further explore the storyline between the two characters.

Since Dom is now married to Ben “Lofty” Chiltern, who is a staff nurse in the series, it could be interesting to see how Isaac’s return to the show could impact them...