Holby City shock: Lofty returns… and Dom IMPLODES!

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You'd think Holby medic Dom would be pleased to see his hubby Lofty. But, when a secret is revealed, Dom goes into self-destruct mode…

After the few weeks Dominic Copeland has had, the Holby City medic could do with some light in his life. And it looks like there's happiness on the horizon as his husband, nurse Ben 'Lofty' Chiltern, returns from his travels next week.

Finding out he's adopted and that consultant Ange Godard is his real mum, Dom's had plenty to deal with while Lofty (Lee Mead) has been away, so it's safe to say they’ve got LOTS of catching up to do.

Dom throws his arms around Lofty and tells him how much he's missed him. Lofty, however, is somewhat surprised to hear this given how little he'd heard from Dom while they were apart…

"It's been an emotional time for Dom," says David Ames, who plays him. "He's not really got any kind of bond with Ange and his relationship with his adoptive mother, Carole, has taken a turn for the worse. He's not been handing anything very well."

Dom tells Lofty there's been lots going on and that he wanted to tell him in person. It's clear Lofty has something important to tell Dom, too. But just as he's about to, Dom blurts out the news he's adopted!

Later, on AAU, Donna notices Lofty doesn't seem himself but he just puts it down to suffering from jet lag. However, it's obvious he's hiding something...

Holby City Lofty returns to see Dominic

Dom (David Ames) is pleased to see Lofty (Lee Mead). But it's clear the nurse has something to hide

Lofty knows he needs to tell Dom the truth – but Dom exposes Lofty's secret himself when he unwittingly finds some incriminating evidence in Lofty's bag!

"I know people often say: 'Poor Lofty' but there's an issue that arises in the couple's relationship, which is all of Lofty's doing," teases David. "It's a massive factor towards Dom self-destructing."

After all he’s been through, poor Dom just can't handle ANY more bad news and needs someone to turn to for support. Feeling reckless, Dom scrolls through a dating app, sees someone he recognises and sends them a message. But who is it?

"Dom doesn't know why he's contacted this person," reveals David. "I suppose, for Dom, it’s like pressing a bruise; he knows he shouldn't but he can't help it. Let's just say, Dom's actions kick off a tumultuous few weeks!"

Trust us… you do NOT want to miss this episode! Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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