Holby City star Marc Elliott: 'Isaac's a game-player... and Lofty's collateral damage!'

Isaac Mayfield played in Holby City by Marc Elliott
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Dominic Copeland's violent ex-lover Isaac Mayfield has a score to settle in next week's Holby City. And Lofty is a pawn in his game, reveals Marc Elliott...

After all the physical and emotional torment he put his ex-lover Dominic Copeland through when they were together, Isaac Mayfield was never going to receive the warmest welcome when turned up at Holby a few weeks' back. And, in next week's episode of Holby City, the real reason for his return begins to emerge...

Following the recent death of his father, Isaac comes to Holby again next week to visit his dad in the mortuary and collect his belongings. Dom, however, is keen to see the back of him…

"Unbeknownst to Dom, Isaac’s really back at Holby for revenge," says Marc Elliott, who plays him. "Isaac’s a game-player and he believes it’s currently 1-0 to Dom. So Isaac wants to make sure he’s top of the leaderboard again. He’s not back for love. Just to win."

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When he doesn’t get the sympathy he wants from Dom (David Ames) – who recently separated from his nurse husband Lofty – Isaac turns his attentions elsewhere…

"Isaac manages to get his claws into Lofty with some emotional play-acting," explains Marc. "He plays the bereaved victim and asks Lofty to be his shoulder to cry on."

Kind-hearted Lofty (Lee Mead) agrees to accompany Isaac to the mortuary, where a 'grieving' Isaac breaks down. Seemingly distraught, Isaac goes in for a hug and, as Lofty pats him reassuringly, events take a surprising turn…

"Isaac makes a play for Lofty," reveals Marc. "It's all very insidious and creepy because it takes place in the morgue, right over his dad’s dead body!"

Holby Isaac Mayfield (Marc Elliott) and Lofty (Lee Mead)

Lofty (Lee Mead) is stunned when Isaac (Marc Elliott) makes a move on him...

Disgusted by Isaac's actions, Lofty confronts him outside the mortuary. Isaac goads him; suggesting that, despite him only recently splitting from Dom, there he was with his 'arms wrapped around his ex'.

When Isaac then tells Lofty that Dom settled for second best after being with a 'real' man like him, Lofty squares up to Isaac. Knowing all about Isaac's violent past, has he made a big mistake?

"Isaac knows his plan is unravelling, so he goes into reckless mode," says Marc. "But, if he’s gonna lose this game, he’ll go down taking as many people with him as he can. And, unfortunately, Lofty is collateral damage."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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