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Holby City fans on the edge of their seats after THIS near death shock tonight

Holby City
(Image credit: BBC)

There was near death drama for Holby City's Nicky McKendrick tonight...

Holby City fans have been left stunned after watching Nicky McKendrick fighting for her life after suffering a near fatal heart attack tonight.

The shocking twist came after Nicky has faced weeks of stress both at work and in her home life, and things came to a head in this evening's Holby City, with devastating consequences.

Nicky Holby City

Nicky was running on empty as she tried to save her Auntie Brenda (Picture: BBC)

The drama started when Nicky arrived at work to find her Auntie Brenda was having to be resuscitated.

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Thankfully Nicky managed to step in and save her, but sadly things didn't go the way she had hoped and Belinda sadly passed away a few hours later.

Nicky Holby City

Nicky was devastated when Brenda died tonight (Picture: BBC)

But the lack of sleep started to take its toll on Nicky, and she was only managing to get through the day thanks to an endless supply of energy drinks.

However, things really took a turn when her mum, Tracey, kept turning up everywhere she looked, leaving Nicky stressed and having a panic attack.

A life on the line...

It was only when Jac sent Nicky home that the pressure really piled up on the doctor and she collapsed in the locker room, having a heart attack.

Nicky Holby City

The pressure got too much for Nicky and she suffered a huge heart attack (Picture: BBC)

Fans were beside themselves as Nicky flatlined, convinced this was the end of the line for the young medical professional.

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But thankfully Jac managed to work her magic and soon got Nicky into theatre and in a stable condition.

Nicky Holby City

It was a while before Nicky was found on the locker room floor (Picture: BBC)

Life or death drama 

Fans were full of praise for actress Belinda Owusu, who plays Nicky McKendrick, and took to social media to share their thoughts on the episode...

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With the next 24 hours critical for the young doctor, will Nicky manage to pull through?

Holby City airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC One.