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Holby City petition nears 40,000 as fans fight to save show

Holby City cast
Holby City cast. (Image credit: BBC)

Holby City fans are fighting hard to save the show from the axe with almost 40,000 people signing a petition.

The “Don’t scrap Holby City” petition has added nearly 10,000 more signatures in a week as viewers step up their campaign to make the BBC reverse its hugely controversial decision.

A message on the website, where the petition is taking place, reveals that when it reaches 50,000 signatures it will be the most signed petition on the site.

Making its case why the show should be saved, the petition states: “Holby City has millions of weekly viewers, and has won hundreds of awards. It is also one of the most diverse dramas on the BBC — bringing stories of real people across society, from all backgrounds and experiences.”

It adds: “The show has raised awareness about so many issues of value to the public — whether that’s mental health, bereavement, exploring faith, or sexuality.”

Alex Walkinshaw plays Fletch in Holby City

Holby fans are gutted to be saying goodbye to characters like Fletch. (Image credit: BBC)

But, at the moment, the BBC is sticking to its decision to axe the long-running soap.

The BBC has though responded to the passionate messages from fans who’re heartbroken by the move.

“All of us at Holby have been overwhelmed and touched by the response to the announcement that this current series will be our last.”

Holby City Series Produce Seán Gleeson added: “We want to reassure our fans, colleagues and our Holby family, that we have every intention of making sure the next 9 months are the most entertaining Holby yet and that we go out strong!”

Currently the BBC’s plan is to continue to show the series until next March. However, the BBC has previously brought back shows that they previously axed. Most famously Doctor Who was ditched in 1989 due to falling viewing figures only for it to be resuscitated in 2005. So, it looks like there’s still some hope for Holby fans.