Holby City star Rosie Marcel: 'Jac thinks Kian is worth a try!'

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As the net closes in on drug addict Kian, the medic feels forced to reach out to Jac. Rosie Marcel explains...

Jac Naylor vowed to stand by lover Kian Madani in Holby City after learning he'd once battled an addiction to painkillers, unaware he's still hiding a serious drug habit. And, in the next episode, it looks like he's about to be exposed.

Kian (Ramin Karimloo) is rattled when acting CEO Max McGerry orders a hospital-wide drugs test, which surgeon Jac wants him to complete as soon as possible given his "history". Desperate to appear drug-free, quick-thinking Kian uses the urine sample of a patient - athlete Stacey - as his own.

Ramin Karimloo plays Kian Madani in Holby City

Addict Kian fears he's about to be rumbled when a hospital-wide drugs test is ordered...

Kian's plan backfires, however, when he discovers Stacey has been taking performance-enhancing drugs - which he knows will show up in her sample already on its way to the lab…

Kian fears he's about to be rumbled, so he's relieved when the test comes back clear, and Jac apologises for doubting him.

However, the day's events make Kian realise he's tired of lying and sneaking around, so he goes to see Jac in her office, where he confesses he’s still an addict.

Kian confesses to Jac in Holby

Jac's stunned when Kian admits he's still using drugs...

Jac hates Kian for putting her in such an awkward position, one that could threaten her career, and vows to expose him to Max. Kian admits to Jac he can't fight his addiction alone and tells her again he loves her. Will Jac decide to stick by Kian and help him kick the habit for good?

"Jac manages to push everyone away eventually and perhaps that’s what will happen again but she clearly thinks Kian is worth a try," says Rosie Marcel, who plays Jac. "Ramin is such a professional, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer person to work with. He’s always on his lines and has great suggestions. We have a lot of fun together."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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