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'Holby City' star David Ames on Dom's TRICKY encounter!

Holby City: David Ames plays Dominic Copeland
Things are about to get tricky for Dom in Holby City. (Image credit: BBC)

It’s been a turbulent few months for Dominic Copeland and he runs into further problems in Monday night’s Holby City.

After the turmoil of recent months, Dom is focused on moving forward as he settles into his new role as clinical lead on Keller. And he’s not the only one moving on, as he learns ex-husband Lofty is getting married!

Dom’s day gets worse when a patient, Danny, accuses him of leaving a surgical glove inside him during an earlier operation. Dom’s certain this never happened, but he struggles to stand his ground alongside Rory, the chirpy new locum registrar.

Holby City Rory warns Dominic

As they're forced to work together, new locum registrar Rory rubs Dom up the wrong way. (Image credit: BBC)

Rory tries to apologise to Dom for them getting off on the wrong foot but Dom’s preoccupied - Danny’s gone missing and Dom suspects he has an eating disorder. Dom and Rory soon track down Danny, who’s eaten a load of surgical swabs!

As Dom and Rory work together in theatre to remove the foreign objects, they make a good team. Dom offers Rory a permanent job on Keller and, thinking they could work well professionally and personally, asks Rory out on a date! 

Rory, however, takes Dom’s job offer as being conditional on there being a date and shocks Dom by revealing that, as well as being a locum, he’s also an adviser for the CQC. 

Rory warns Dom that, following a whistleblower complaint, there’s an emergency inspection at the hospital next week - and a sexual harassment claim wouldn’t look good!

Guy Henry plays Henrik Hanssen in Holby City

Dom is unaware that Hanssen has ordered an inspection to get to the bottom of the failings at Holby. (Image credit: BBC)

Later, Dom informs Holby boss Hanssen of his error of judgment that could affect the inspection, and is shocked to learn Hanssen’s the whistleblower! 

Will Dom’s tenure as clinical lead be short-lived? And will he ever find love again?

"Everyone always says poor Dom deserves happiness but I think what Dom’s been coping with recently has been quite incredible and I kind of admire him," says David Ames, who plays Dom. 

"Everyone wants their fairytale - but where’s the fun in that?"

Holby City usually airs on Tuesdays at 8.20pm on BBC1.