'Holby City’ star Nic Jackman: 'Cameron's taken his own route... down a dark path!'

Holby City - Nic Jackman plays Cameron Dunn
(Image credit: BBC)

Following the latest tension-filled cliffhanger in Holby City, which saw killer Cameron Dunn hiding out in the hospital basement, before being tracked down by CEO Henrik Hanssen and getting hit by an ambulance, next week Dr Death comes round from surgery and is shocked to find his late mother Bernie Wolfe stood by his bedside! 

That’s right folks, Bernie Wolfe - played by the wonderful Jemma Redgrave - is back from the dead! 

Viewers saw Bernie just before the credits rolled in Tuesday night's episode. But as Cam wakes from his slumber, dazed and confused, he literally thinks he’s seeing things. After all, he long thought - as we all did! - that his mother had been killed in an explosion while serving as an army medic abroad. 

Jemma Redgrave plays Bernie Wolfe in Holby City

To say Cameron's shocked to see mum Bernie after all this time is an understatement! (Image credit: BBC)

The reunion between mother and son isn’t exactly a happy one: Cam has always felt he’s never quite been able to measure up to his mum, a first-class trauma surgeon, and his frustration turns to anger when he learns she’s been alive for some time and never told him… 

"It's really complex with Cam and the journey he’s been on," reveals Nic Jackman, who recently reprised his role as the murdering medic. "Early on, it was all about the issues he had with his mum, then losing her and finding himself after living under her shadow. And he’s very much taken his own route since; his ego’s taken over and he’s clearly a narcissist with a God complex, which has led him down a much darker path."

At that point, Holby boss Henrik (Guy Henry) wants to know what Cam has been doing in the time he's been missing from Holby. It’s now clear Cam has returned to exact revenge on the hospital that caused his downfall and that’s when he literally drops the bombshell that he’s set an explosive device to detonate somewhere in the building - and it will explode in 30 minutes! 

Guy Henry plays Henrik Hanssen in Holby City

Hanssen panics when Cameron reveals there's a bomb... and it's about to go off! (Image credit: BBC1)

Hanssen declares a major incident and sets about swiftly yet calmly evacuating the hospital. 

Master manipulator Cam seems to enjoy seeing Holby in panic mode - but will he reveal the exact location of the device? And, with the clock ticking, will Hanssen get everyone to safety in time?

"Cam is so far away from who I am but how he manipulates people is really rich, rewarding stuff to play," says Nic. "To be able to play a character that people really love to hate is a good feeling."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.