Holby's John Michie: 'Guy wants to kill Tristan when he hears about Zosia's attack!'

Guy Self goes ballistic at Tristan Wood

Holby City ended on an almighty cliffhanger on Tuesday night when Dr Zosia March attacked chairman Tristan Wood in self-defence. John Michie reveals what happens when Zosia's dad Guy finds out...

Guy Self’s under pressure when he has to operate on Holby chairman, Tristan Wood, in next week's Holby City. But when Guy discovers how Tristan got injured and why, he's out for revenge, as John Michie reveals…

Tristan has revealed a dark side in recent weeks – why has Guy been so keen to join forces with him? "Well, it’s Guy’s dream to have his neurosurgical unit built at Holby but he can only do that with external funding, which only Tristan has access to. The neuro unit is everything to Guy."

Guy successful operates on Tristan (Jonathan McGuinness) to stop a bleed on his brain next week. But how does Guy react when he finds out Zosia (Camilla Arfwedson) physically lashed out at Tristan as she tried to defend herself from his attack? "Guy completely flips and he absolutely wants to kill Tristan. He bursts into ITU, where Tristan's recovering, and confronts him. It's a tense situation."

Guy Self and Zosia after he finds out what Tristan did

Guy wants to call the police – what stops him getting them involved? "Tristan knows details about Guy's private life that Guy's scared will come out if the police get involved. This knocks Guy sideways and he goes into self-protection mode."

Guy Self goes ballistic at Tristan Wood

When Guy agrees to keep quiet, furious Zosia thinks her dad's just trying to safeguard his funding from Tristan for his neuro unit… "I know! Guy wants to protect Zosia, but he's conflicted. Everything's crashing down around him and he doesn't know what to do – he's in a complete mess."

Feeling out of control, there's a scene in next week's episode where Guy goes berserk and starts throwing things around in his office. Was that fun to film? "Yeah, it was great, I really enjoyed it. We could only do one take of the scene where Guy smashes the model of the neuro unit because there was only one of them! I knew where I had to get it to land and luckily it landed there. Filming that scene was quite a cathartic experience for me too – it was the last thing we shot that day, so I could just let it all out!"

Guy loses it in Holby City

Acting CEO Ric Griffin orders Guy to stay away from Tristan but, when Tristan’s condition deteriorates, it’s Guy who takes him back into theatre. But Guy has trouble controlling Tristan's bleed and he dies on the table. Did Guy kill him? "Guy's not in the right mental state to be operating. Nothing specific is said when Tristan dies – but viewers can read into that what they will…"

Holby WK46Guy operates again on Tristan but he dies

Watch the aftermath of Tristan’s attack in next week’s Holby City on Tuesday November 15 at 8pm on BBC1.

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