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Hollyoaks fans split as Diane FINALLY admits she had an affair

Diane Hutchinson Hollyoaks

Diane and Tony had a very difficult conversation…

Hollyoaks fans were divided after Diane Richardson (Alex Fletcher) admitted she’d had an affair whilst husband Tony (Nick Pickard) had been held hostage at Breda’s Pig Farm.

Tony had tried to surprise Diane with a nice date night, but she got spooked when he mentioned a necklace she was wearing and ended up fleeing.

This necklace was actually a gift from her father-in-law Edward (Joe McGann), whom she’d been having an affair with.

Diane Hutchinson and Edward Hutchinson

Diane and father-in-law Edward have been sneaking around behind Tony's back. (Credit: C4)

Diane has been feeling very guilty about this and has tried to work on her relationship with Tony now he is almost recovered from his trauma at the hands of Breda.

But Tony became suspicious of his wife and soon ended up confronting her about a potential affair, which saw her confess that she had slept with someone else whilst he was trapped.

Tuesday’s episode saw Diane finally confess that there’d been someone else, but she lied and said that she’d been with a man called Barnaby who she’d met on an app.

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Tony accused Diane of moving on and not caring about their marriage, but she tried to remind him that it was difficult for her to hear a phone call made during his capture.

In the call, Tony told his wife that it was over, but it was only because Breda had been threatening to kill him behind the scenes.

Fans are now divided over Tony and Diane, with many of them seeing the faults on both sides.

One wrote, “Oh this is horrible, both Tony and Diane are as bad as each other. #Hollyoaks”

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Another was keen to see the couple reconcile, adding, “I know what Diane did was wrong but Tony and Diane truly belong together @Hollyoaks #Hollyoaks”

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A third fan accused Diane of “playing the victim”, writing, “Someone please explain to me why Diane is playing the victim??? She was sleeping with Edward for weeks #Hollyoaks”

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And a fourth added, “Barnaby wow Diane just tell Tony it was Ed #Hollyoaks”

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Will Diane be able to tell Tony the truth about her affair, or will she have to conceal a huge lie to protect her husband… and her father-in-law?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4.