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Hollyoaks fans HEARTBROKEN after this devastating car crash twist

Kyle Hollyoaks

Kyle was forced to leave following the crash...

Hollyoaks fans were left heartbroken during the aftermath of Kyle's car crash. (opens in new tab)

Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickitt) had been driving with stepson Oscar in the passenger seat whilst under the influence.

As a result of this, Kyle ended up crashing into Jordan (Connor Calland) and Peri (Ruby O’Donnell), whilst also risking the life of his stepson.

Thankfully dealer Jordan didn't press charges, considering his car was full of drugs.

But Nancy (Jessica Fox) was put in an incredibly difficult position, as she was forced to take the blame for the crash due to Kyle being high.

However, she wasn't best pleased, telling Kyle, "I didn't want you to spend the night in a prison cell, but let me make one thing very clear: You endangered the life of my child. This is far from over."

When the couple got home, they got into a heated argument about what had happened.

Nancy accused him of not settling down, to which Kyle argued that he had and he loved their family.

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But Nancy admitted that she hated the fact he smoked drugs and Kyle confessed he "needed" them.

Nancy hit back saying "I'm sorry but that is unacceptable. If you are saying that you are that dependent on this, then you need help. Like rehab help."

Kyle was then hit with an ultimatum: stop smoking the drugs and accept help, or that they "were finished".

He makes the devastating choice to leave the house, and fans were heartbroken.

One wrote, "Nancy and Kyle have just broken my heart "

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Another added, "WTF was Kyle thinking bringing poor little Oscar to a drug deal seriously? No wonder Nancy no longer has any trust in him #Hollyoaks"

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A third wrote, "Crying! Nancy better help Kyle #Hollyoaks"

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And a fourth added, "my heart is breaking for nancy and kyle aw :( #hollyoaks"

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Will Kyle get the help he clearly needs?

Hollyoaks continues on C4.

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