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Hollyoaks star Jessica Fox reveals when Nancy will tell Mandy about her fling with Darren

Hollyoaks Darren Osborne and Nancy are trapped

The rumble in the rubble will finally be exposed!

Hollyoaks actress Jessica Fox has revealed that her character Nancy Osborne will spill the beans to Mandy Richardson about her fling with Darren during a New Year’s Eve party at The Hutch.

Darren left Nancy for Mandy last year, but the former married couple slept together when they were trapped in the underground tunnels during the recent village disaster.

The liaison has reignited Darren’s feelings for his estranged wife and, in the run up to New Year, he’ll tell the brunette that he regrets walking out on her, and wants to give their relationship another go.

Darren is set to rile Nancy over Christmas by asking her for another chance (Picture: Channel 4)

Darren is set to rile Nancy over Christmas by asking her for another chance (Picture: Channel 4)

But Nancy is determined that her future lies with new boyfriend Kyle. And, as the villagers gather at The Hutch to welcome in 2020 – part of an hour-long Hollyoaks episode, screened on 30th December - she overhears Mandy defending her to Cindy, and decides to start the new year with a clean slate.

Reveals Fox: “Charlie already knows they slept together. Nancy is embarrassed and devastated that he has been carrying this secret, and feels she has mucked up and needs to put things right, and one of the best ways she can do that is by being honest with people. And for some reason, she decides the best thing to do is confront Mandy and tell her in front of everyone!

“She doesn’t care that much about Mandy’s feelings. They’ve formed a friendship again, but she’s still the woman who stole her husband! She wants to start the new year with no regrets, and gets it a bit wrong to be honest.

“Mandy is very upset and feels betrayed, and puts her anger on Darren. He is caught in the headlights and is thinking, ‘You’ve said you don’t want to be with me, Nancy, and now you’re ruining my other relationship. What am I left with?’”

But it’s not just Mandy and Darren who have to deal with the fallout of Nancy’s bombshell. So, too, does Nancy's current beau, Kyle, who is also in attendance at the party.

Adds Fox: “She has made his worst fear come true, and he’s quite upset. This is the last thing she wanted to happen. I don’t know what possesses her to do this, but she does it, and she has to face up to what she has done.”

Hollyoaks continues on C4.


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