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Horror in Coronation Street when a child VANISHES next week

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

There is trouble heading for the Bailey family...

There is drama in Coronation Street next week when little Tianna Vickers is kidnapped in broad daylight - by dad Michael Bailey.

Coronation Street fans have watched Michael fighting to be a part of his daughter's life for months.

Coronation Street spoilers: Michael Bailey proposes to Grace!

Michael asks Grace to marry him, but he doesn't get the answer he was hoping for (Picture: ITV)

And next week sees him desperately trying to build a future with Grace Vickers by asking her to marry him.

However, things don't quite go to plan...

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When Michael drops to one knee and pops the question, he doesn't get the reaction that he was hoping for when Grace tells him she has got something huge of her own to tell him.

Coronation Street spoilers: Michael Bailey proposes to Grace!

Grace has got a bombshell of her own... (Picture: ITV)

Grace drops a bombshell

Grace breaks Michael's heart by announcing she is moving to Spain and taking Tianna with her.

Realising that he isn't part of Grace's plan, Michael takes matters into his own hands and decides to stop her leaving the country with his daughter.

The next thing the Bailey family know, Grace has arrived on their doorstep in a panic, revealing that Michael has kidnapped Tianna in broad daylight from outside her house.

Fretting that Tianna and Michael seem to have vanished into thin air, Ed panics when Grace tells him that she has no option but to call the police.

The police have bad news for Michael Bailey

The police arrest Michael for abducting Tianna (Picture: ITV)

Heading out to look for Michael himself, Ed finally tracks him down in Victoria Garden with Tianna.

Ed persuades his son to come home, but as they get back the police arrive and arrest Michael for child abduction.

Coronation Street spoilers: The police have bad news for Michael Bailey

Michael's week is about to go from bad to worse (Picture: ITV)

Michael soon finds himself being questioned by the police, but he admits to taking his daughter and tells them that he knows what he did was wrong.

As he pleads with the police that he just couldn't bear to be separated from his little girl, will the police realise his anguish and be lenient?

Or is Michael's week about to go from bad to worse?

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