How to watch The Last of Us episode 2

Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Tess (Anna Torv) sit together on a mossy mound in The Last Of Us
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Keeping up with Joel and Ellie's journey? Here's where to watch The Last Of Us episode 2. 

The Last Of Us is a new drama based on the hit PlayStation game of the same name (opens in new tab). Like the game, the TV series takes place in a version of 2023 that sees the world rocked by an apocalyptic event where a pandemic caused by a mutated form of the cordyceps fungus has infected and transformed countless people into terrifying, zombie-like creatures. 

Need to know what happened in the season premiere? Here's our The Last of Us episode 1 recap — we've also got a meet The Last of Us cast guide as well as an explainer on what clickers actually are so you know what the monsters are capable of and where they came from.

The first episode saw Joel and Ellie (Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey) thrown together for their cross-country mission. Judging by the "weeks ahead" trailer (opens in new tab) that HBO shared, things are only going to get more dangerous and deadly from here on out. 

If that explosive premiere has you hooked, here's where you can watch The Last Of Us episode two.

How to watch The Last of Us episode 2 in the US

The Last Of Us is an HBO original series, meaning you can watch the series as it airs on HBO or stream it on-demand on HBO Max.

The second episode is slated for Sunday, January 22, at 9 pm ET/PT and will run till 10:05 pm ET/PT.

If you're not already an HBO Max subscriber, the price for the ad-free plan has been increased by $1 to $15.99 a month just days before The Last Of Us' season premiere. Existing customers will be hit with this new price the next time they pay a bill on or after February 11.

How to watch The Last of Us in the UK

The Last Of Us is following a similar release pattern to most HBO series in the UK. New episodes are airing after originally premiering in the US exclusively on Sky TV and their streaming service, NOW, though they'll also be available if you decide to stay up to watch them live.

The second episode airs on Monday, January 23, at 2 am UK and 9 pm UK on Sky Atlantic. It will be made available to stream on NOW on the same day.

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