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Huge BABY SHOCK heading for THIS Summer Bay favourite in today's Home and Away

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There's a baby shock on the cards for Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson in today's Home and Away...

Dean Thompson is left devastated after his mum Karen Thompson suddenly left Summer Bay at the end of last week. But it seems there is more to his dark mood than missing his mum in today's Home and Away.

Ziggy Astoni is left confused when Dean gives her the cold shoulder after Karen's departure in today's episode at 6pm (see our TV guide for full listings).

But when she tries to talk to her boyfriend about why she is suddenly in his bad books, he shuts Ziggy out and heads to work.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Karen Thompson

Dean was upset when Karen made a shock exit from Summer Bay last week (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Little does Ziggy know, it is Karen's throwaway comment about giving her permission for Ziggy to have her grandchildren in the future that has got Dean rattled... and now he doesn't know how to tell Ziggy that he doesn't want kids.

While Ziggy remains in the dark about what has spooked Dean, the waiter opens up to his sister Mackenzie by asking her if she has even thought about having kids of her own one day.

The question throws Mackenzie but she admits that while she's not given it a huge amount of thought, she would probably like a family at some point.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Ziggy Astoni

Ziggy is confused about why Dean is giving her the cold shoulder in today's Home and Away (Picture: Channel 5)

However her answer does little to reassure Dean, and he is so moody at work that Mackenzie gives him the rest of the day off to go and sort things out with Ziggy.

But when he eventually tracks her down, he admits that he doesn't see having children as part of his future before dropping the bombshell on Ziggy that if having a family is something that she wants, then she needs to end things with him now.

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Ziggy is left reeling at his shock announcement, but she is adamant that she's going to get to the bottom of what is going on in Dean's mind and quizzes him on his reasons for not wanting a family.

Eventually Dean opens up and tells Ziggy that his mum's schizoaffective disorder is genetic and he's terrified that he could pass it on to any children he might have.

Home and Away, Ziggy Astoni, Dean Thompson

Are Ziggy and Dean about to break-up over their baby feud? (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

With everything falling into place for Ziggy, she fights to make Dean see that he's basing his whole future on something that might never happen.

But Dean stands firm, telling his girlfriend that if she wants kids, she needs to walk away now.

Is this the end for Ziggy and Dean's romance?

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