The Voice finalists Into the Ark: Win or lose, we're going on tour with Tom Jones (VIDEO)

into the ark

Into the Ark are ready to do battle in The Voice UK finals this weekend, but even if they lose, the ITV series has been a massive success for them

Welsh duo Into the Ark say they're already winners before this weekend's The Voice UK final, because their coach Sir Tom Jones has arranged to do some shows with them.

One member of the duo Taylor Jones told What's on TV: "We've already got a tour booked in May and June and a bunch of shows lined up. Before [The Voice] we were constantly slugging it out with the show so we're just going to go back to what we do best, just hit the road, get in the studio."

Band member Dane Lloyd added: "...And hopefully make an album. We're going to go on tour with Tom."

Sir Tom confirmed: "We're going to do some shows."

Into the Ark's profile has increased massively since appearing on The Voice and they hoped the public would get behind them this weekend: "We haven't got millions and millions [of fans] and there are a lot of viewers out there, but they've definitely been supporting us amazingly. We went back home in the week and it was just nuts, it was packed out. An old place we used to go we used to be sat in the corner and there used to be 15 people if we were lucky and there were 500!"

Sir Tom believed The Voice's switch from BBC to ITV has already helped the careers of the contestants.

He said: "Before, when it was on the BBC, the record company were not allowed there til the end, but this time they're hands on from the beginning, so some of the singers that have already gone home, the record company are interested in them... The one criticism is there has been no star who's had a hit record, well, I think this one is going to do it, with these boys here."

Watch Into the Ark in The Voice UK finals this Saturday and Sunday on ITV


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