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Is DIVORCE on the cards for THIS beloved Home and Away couple?

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Ben and Maggie continue to struggle through their differences...

There is heartbreak ahead for Ben and Maggie Astoni in today's Home and Away when a visit from Dean Thompson's mum, Karen Thompson, leaves them more estranged than ever.

Ever since Ben was wrongly arrested for drug trafficking, he has been on a downward spiral as his world crumbles around him.

Home and Away, Ben Astoni

Ben was wrongly arrested back in the summer (Picture: Channel 5)

Since his arrest Ben has lost his business, his life savings and he has even moved out of the family home and into the caravan park in order to get his head straight... much to Maggie's heartbreak.

Yesterday saw Ben signing over the pier complex that he and Maggie owned, with Maggie hoping that selling their nest egg so they could pay Ben's lawyers would relieve the burden on her husband so that he could come home.

However today's Home and Away (6pm, see our TV guide for full listings) sees Maggie's hopes dashed when she and Ben are torn further apart than ever.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Karen Thompson

Dean's mum Karen is back in Summer Bay (Picture: Channel 5)

After discovering that Dean's mum is in the Bay, Maggie decides it might be a nice idea to invite her and Dean over for lunch.

However, it sees the effort she is going to is more for Ben than Karen... as Ziggy points out.

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But Maggie is adamant she wants to remind Ben how good it is being at home, and she hopes they might make a breakthrough having him back in the house.

However, poor Maggie is left devastated when Dean's straight-talking mum gets to the point and asks outright why Ben is living at the caravan park while he has a home with his family.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Karen Thompson

The Astoni family officially meet Dean's mum Karen today (Picture: Channel 5)

Assuming the couple are separated, Karen puts her foot in it with Maggie, telling her not to act so desperate to win her husband back, causing Maggie to escape the dinner table in tears.

While Karen apologises for her brazen behaviour Maggie realises that to the outside world it does look like her and Ben are separated and she addresses the issue with Ben once everyone else has left.

But Ben can't give Maggie what she wants and even when she begs him to come home, he tells her that he's nowhere near ready.

Maggie Astoni in Home and Away

Maggie is devastated when Karen makes assumptions about her marriage (Picture: Channel 5)

After Ben leaves, Maggie breaks down in tears.

Despite everything they have been through over the last few years, is this one marriage hurdle that the Astonis won't be able to overcome?

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