Is Rob Beckett double bluffing us with his Traffic Cone prank?

TV tonight Traffic Cone in the Masked Singer UK
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The Masked Singer UK season 3 fans are still trying to guess the identity of several characters, including Traffic Cone, who became associated with comedian Rob Beckett after he confused fans on Twitter.

In his tweet, he implied that he was the mystery celebrity hiding behind Traffic Cone, causing fans to debate whether or not this was true. So far it definitely seems like he's just pranking fans, but could he actually be double bluffing us this whole time? Or, instead of Traffic Cone, might he be another character on the ITV hit?

Following reports that he had accidentally revealed himself to be hiding behind the mask, Rob has continued tweeting about it, saying: "I’ve messed up bad. They are holding back my ******* fee! Two weeks Dressed up as a traffic cone and I’m not even getting paid."

He has also been retweeting coverage about his tweet, and fans are getting involved in the joke with one saying: "you’ve been holding up traffic for 2 weeks rob!!"

Another added: "If you are traffic cone, I'll eat nothing but KFC for a week"

And a third joked: "Traffic Cone seemed far too sober to be you, some serious dedication to the role if it was you"

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With the cone still in the competition, it's up to judges and fans to try and figure out who it actually is ahead of the big unmasking.

Traffic Cone's two truths and a lie could potentially point to Rob Beckett, especially the third one which alludes to "stand up." The first one was: "I had a gold plated childhood," followed by, "My name makes me king but I'm no rascal." The third one was: "It's often been said that I'm a stand up fella." 

However, it's also likely Traffic Cone could work in sports as he has made reference to "rackets" and "competition". But we've already had a famous tennis player unmasked, as Bagpipes was revealed to be Pat Cash.

The sporty clue was as follows: "Look, I'm not saying I'm here to make a racket...but I will break the rules from time to time. I am here for a bit of competition, though, and it's great to be able to take on the best."

The Masked Singer continues on ITV — see our TV guide for full listings. 

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