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Jamie Dornan: ‘The Fall creators took a big risk casting me’

Jamie Dornan is firmly established as an actor thanks to his roles in BBC2’s The Fall, C4’s New Worlds, and his much-anticipated starring role in the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey, yet the former model reveals this wasn’t always the case.

“There aren’t a lot of casting risks taken in this industry in the UK. More so in America," he said in an interview with What’s on TV for New Worlds. "Luckily [the makers of] The Fall did. I was made aware of how big a risk it was at the time – and I’m very grateful they did!”

Jamie, 31, from Northern Ireland also acknowledges The Fall was a game changer for his career: “Certainly it’s upped the ante professionally. I find myself in more rooms than I was previously. It’s a good job and you just hope to carry on doing good jobs. It hasn’t done any harm!

“The scripts for The Fall were among the best I’d ever read, but there was no telling how it would be received. I don’t think any of us were really prepared for the scale of it. It is very pleasing."

He adds, with a chuckle: "At Notting Hill Gate station I heard someone shouting ‘There’s that serial killer!’ It caused a bit of panic.”