Kate Garraway to front new series about health for the BBC

Kate Garraway wins the NTA for Best Authored Documentary in 2021
Kate Garraway recently won an NTA for her documentary, Finding Derek. (Image credit: PA)

Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway is making the jump from ITV to the BBC as the host of a brand new medical series for BBC2.

Following her National Television Award win for Kate Garraway: Finding Derek, Kate is set to present a brand new medical series for the BBC alongside Dr Guddi Singh.

Doctor, Can You See Me Now? is a groundbreaking new show that will use the latest in augmented reality and medical technology, and medical expertise to show a group of participants with a range of common health issues what's going on inside their own bodies.

By bringing these patients' conditions to life in a visual form, the show aims to provide answers to some of the questions they may have had in the past. As well as providing information to this group of patients, Doctor, Can You See Me Now? will also be following their journeys as they set out on the road to recovery.

Kate Garraway says: "I am thrilled to be part of this fascinating new series that uses the most incredibly advanced technology to help us get a better understanding of how our bodies function when they require urgent medical attention.

"I believe we have all become increasingly curious about our health and well-being since the start of the pandemic, including me personally. I'm looking forward to delving deeper into the fascinating, emotional, and empowering journey of all our patients and for them to see what is going on inside their own bodies."

The series is being made with access to some of the country's top hospitals and consultants from London's Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and HCA Healthcare UK.

As the show has only just been announced, we do not have a release date for it at this time. However, we do know it will run for six episodes, with each planned to last one hour. 

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