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Ex EastEnder Kierston Wareing co-stars with Idris Elba in new film 100 Streets

Kierston Wareing, EastEnders
(Image credit: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock)

Former EastEnders and Hollyoaks star Kierston Wareing tells us about her new film, 100 Streets, which opens in the New Year…

Former EastEnders and Hollyoaks star Kierston Wareing tells us about her new film, 100 Streets, which opens in the US in the New Year…

What’s your new film 100 Streets about? “It’s the story about a group of very different Londoners from completely different backgrounds, who each experience a life-changing event. The people aren’t all connected to each other, although their paths do cross at times without realising it.”

Who do you play? “My character is called Cathy. She’s a nurse and she’s married to a cab driver. They’re very much in love and they’re trying to build a life together.”

What’s Cathy like? “She’s very normal and that makes a change for me as most of the characters I play are most definitely not normal. The cast of 100 Streets is brilliant. My co-stars include Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton.”

It’s almost three years since you left EastEnders and Kirsty Branning behind. Are you still in touch with anyone there? “Not really. Jessie Wallace (Kat Moon) is about the only one. She sent me a beautiful 1980s vintage dress the other day. It came completely out of the blue and it was such a lovely surprise. I’m hoping to meet up with her soon to say thanks.”

You then joined Hollyoaks as villain Ashley Davidson. Was that experience very different to EastEnders? “Not that different. They work in the same way. It reminded me of being at college in that you get your script, then you do it! I was only in Hollyoaks for eight episodes and I knew I’d be killed off.”

We understand you’re a bit of a Hollyoaks fan… “I loved Hollyoaks and I became a bit of a fan. I found myself screaming at the TV when I was watching it. I couldn’t believe how dark it was in parts, especially as it goes out quite early in the evening. I loved Liverpool, too. In fact when I’d finished filming, I went back just to have a night out.”

Having done two soaps, would you now consider Corrie or Emmerdale? “Yeah. Why not? Absolutely I would – if a part came along that had a bit of ooomph to it. I do like playing complicated characters as a rule.”

You’ve done quite a few films. Do you prefer this medium to TV? “I really love both. I suppose if I absolutely had to choose, I’d say I’m more at home with film. It’s a very close call for me, though.”