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Laura Carmichael stuns Downton fans with sickening turn in The Secrets She Keeps

Laura Carmichael as Agatha with Meghan in The Secrets She Keeps
(Image credit: BBC / Lingo Pictures / John Platt)

Did you guess the twist? Contains spoilers if you've not seen the first episode!

Laura Carmichael, known to millions of Downton Abbey viewers as posh Lady Edith Crawley, stunned fans with her shocking new role in BBC1 thriller The Secrets She Keeps.

The 33-year-old star told us she wanted to play a psychopath, but Downton fans were surprised to see the actress in a totally different role as heavily pregnant stalker, Agatha, in the Aussie drama.

TV tonight The Secrets She Keeps

Meghan will get more than she bargained for with Agatha! (Image credit: BBC / Lingo Pictures / John Platt)

The six-part thriller sees Agatha becoming obsessed with the glamorous life of pregnant Instagram influencer Meghan (The Crown’s Jessica De Gouw).

“Laura Carmichael very different role like it but she is weird and have an uneasy feeling about this,” tweeted one fan. Another commented: “The Secrets She Keeps - omg I can’t cope.”

Another joked: “Edith out of Downton Abbey has proper fallen from grace.”

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Viewers were quickly debating if Agatha was really pregnant or not. And then the sickening twist came - yep, she wasn't pregnant!

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Laura revealed to us that Agatha was just the kind of part she was looking for after playing gentle Lady Edith in Downton Abbey.

“Funnily enough, I’d just been in LA and I was chatting to people over there and they said, ‘What do you want to do next?’ And I was like, ‘I think I’d like to play a psychopath, I think that would be really fun!’

"And then I swear by the time I got off the plane in London the script for this had arrived! In lots of ways Agatha is this dark character, but over the course of the series you learn more about trauma she’s had at various points in her childhood and what leads her to do what she does.”

Laura Carmichael stars in The Secrets She Keeps, which continues on BBC1.