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Lea Michele posts poignant tribute to her Glee co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith


The actress Lea Michele has posted a touching memory of Cory Monteith four years after his death

Actress Lea Michele has made an emotional tribute to her former Glee co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith, marking four years since his death.

The Canadian actor, who played school jock Finn Hudson in the hit US musical series, was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room in 2013, aged 31.

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Lea, who also played Cory’s on-screen girlfriend Rachel Berry, posted a black-and-white snap of the pair sharing a cuddly moment on Instagram and wrote: “4 years and it still feels like yesterday.. love you more C.”

Co-star Kevin McHale, who played fellow high school singer Artie Abrams in the six-series show, also shared a heartfelt nod to his late friend and colleague.

Posting a behind-the-scenes photo of some of the cast, he wrote: “Sometimes it feels like you’ll just walk on through that door with that voice and that grin. Miss you every damn day.”

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Lea, 30, has made a number of tributes to Monteith in past years, including getting a tattoo of his character name 'Finn' on her left hip.

In an interview last year, the actress told Women’s Health magazine: “I have down days. I accept those days as much as the happy ones.”

As fans responded to her post with warm wishes and condolences, one wrote: “Even though I didn’t know him, he will always have a special place in my heart. The world isn’t the same without our Cory.”

Since the sixth run of Glee in 2015, Michele has become known for her role as Hester Ulrich in Scream Queens and has this year worked on TV series Dimension 404 and The Mayor.