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LG's rollable OLED TV is now available for the low, low price of a very nice car

The rollable LG Signature OLED R television.
The rollable LG Signature OLED R television. (Image credit: LG)

Ever think to yourself "I love the idea of a 65-inch OLED TV, but just can't stand having a dark screen laying around when it's not in use?" And then ever think to yourself "That's a problem I'm willing to throw $87,000 at!"

You, sir, are a special breed. But you're also in luck because the LG Signature OLED R is now available. The R, of course, stands for "rollable." And that's because the screen rolls up and tucks itself away in its freestanding base. All you need is an outlet, a certain sense of style, and a higher tax bracket.

The OLED R is part of the "Signature" line of LG products which brings a decidedly higher level of style. That cannot be denied. LG, in fact, calls it "the ultimate aspirational product with each unit built to order for the most discerning customers."

And, yes, it gets better. Consider:

This artisan-level of care will be apparent throughout the LG SIGNATURE OLED R, from the brushed aluminum casing to the stylish and modern wool speaker cover by Kvadrat of Denmark. Customers can have their choice of four exquisite shades of covering – Signature Black, Moon Gray, Topaz Blue or Toffee Brown – and further personalize their unit with an engraving of a name or message on the aluminum base.

So there's that. And LG takes pains to explain that you're also no longer constrained by the shackles of things like walls, "enabling owners to curate their living environment without having to permanently set aside space for a large, black screen that is only useful when turned on."

OK, then. So the screen rolls down when not in use (there also are multiple options for that, including "Full View," "Line View" and "Zero View"), it costs a fortune — and it also is very, very cool.

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