Liar star Joanne Froggatt has announced the show WON’T end on a cliffhanger

Fans of the ITV show Liar will be pleased to hear that the show will have a ‘satisfying’ end to the series, according to Joanne Froggatt.

The news that a second series is potentially in the works, after a source told The Sun “the wheels are already in motion for it to come back”, has prompted speculation that the show may frustratingly end on a cliffhanger.

But Joanne, who plays Laura in the show, has reassured viewers that the second half of the show, which will further explore Andrew’s sexual assault, will have a “satisfying conclusion”.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said: “It’s definitely a thriller that you can watch and get to the end and feel like you can pay back for your investment and time and emotion into this story.

“It’s not something that’s too open-ended - it’s a whole story, and a real roller coaster of a story.”

Speaking previously with What’s On TV, Joanne hinted that although we now know that Andrew is the ‘liar’, Laura also has some skeletons in her closet, which are yet to be revealed...

“It is hard to tell what the truth is and your opinion will swing from one way to another because it goes between each of their perspectives,” she said.


“It throws up a lot of moral questions too because nearly everyone in the drama has secrets and is lying about certain things so there’s more and more mystery that unfolds.”

And fans of the show have some pretty out-there theories on what this might mean.

One such theory is that Laura was raped by another character, after Andrew left the scene.

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So who could that be?

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An intriguing trailer was released in the run up to Monday’s episode, which shows Laura step up her campaign for redemption.

In a bid to uncover Andrew’s mysterious past, Laura will head to Scotland to visit Felicity Cassidy (The Syndicate’s Clare Higgins), the mother of Andrew’s first wife Mary, who committed suicide. Will Felicity be able to provide some answers to Laura about the sinister surgeon?

‘Liar’ continues on Monday (2 October) at 9pm on ITV.

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