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Bethany Platt actress Lucy Fallon goes to her first pole fitness class

Lucy Fallon goes to her pole fitness class following Bethany Platt pole-dancing storyline
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Lucy, who had a storyline involving pole-dancing earlier this year as Bethany, has wanted to learn for a while

Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany Platt, has shared a picture of herself enjoying her first pole fitness class.

Lucy, 22, who earlier this year was involved in a pole-dancing plotline as Bethany, had previously revealed that she’d like to give a pole fitness class a crack.

“I would love to learn. I think my sister Racheal would like to as well so maybe we’ll start going to some lessons soon,” she told The Sun.

Well, obviously Lucy has decided the time is right and she posted this snap, saying: “LOVED my first pole fitness class…”

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One person commented: “WOW that’s your first go very impressive,” another said: “Amazing.”

Lucy had an initial go at it at her sister’s hen do. “I really got into it and it’s so difficult. You have to have so much upper body strength and the next day I could barely lift my arms up.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

Pics: PA Archive/PA Images