Lydia Bright: 'TOWIE's back with its worst row ever!'

(Image credit: ITV)

It’s been almost three months since we last saw the crew from The Only Way Is Essex but as the series returns tomorrow one of its stars, Lydia Bright , says the first episode has the worst argument the show has ever seen. 

"I don't know how it will air, but for me, that's the most explosive argument that I've ever seen because there were so many people involved,” says Lydia. “And the language is so bad,  I don't think it's going to be allowed to air."

Earlier in the programme, Lydia gets caught up in an argument of her own but says it wasn’t half as bad by comparison. 

“The drama that unfolds at the end of the episode is the worst argument that I've seen,” says Lydia. “It made my argument look like I was having a tea party!” 

The opening of the series finds Lydia, along with co-stars Danielle Armstrong, Chloe Sims, Gemma Collins, Ferne McCann, Lauren Pope,  Jess Wright and Bobby Norris, on holiday in Tenerife.  And it’s not long before the tension rises…

After a furious row with Ferne, a fuming Danielle slags her off to pals Chloe and Vas. But when she discovers Lydia has overheard and reported back to Ferne, Danielle isn’t impressed that Lydia has blabbed the details of a not-so-private conversation and picks a fight with her. 

Meanwhile, Chloe’s split from Elliot continues to cause ructions when she gets into a row with her ex’s sister, Leah, and Jess is enjoying being single after her acrimonious break-up from Ricky.

"A couple of the girls in Tenerife had snogs with waiters and DJs,” says Bobby. "Gemma bagged a waiter, and Jess bagged a DJ, a beautiful Spanish guy named Luis.

“But it was just a cheeky kiss and a dance because she's a lady. That's what we wanted. We wanted to get Jess out there because she's been through a messy break-up and she's been dignified about it, she doesn't want to rush into another relationship.”

However, when Jess heads back to Essex, she quickly gets acquainted with new arrival Dan…

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