Game of Thrones star Mark Addy: 'It's a shame Robert Baratheon died so early!'

Mark Addy Game of Thrones
Robert Baratheon sat upon on the Iron Throne in the first season of the HBO show

With the sixth series of Game of Thrones heating up, Monday's turning into the best night of the week for TV viewers, but a former GOT star, Mark Addy, is desperately trying to avoid spoilers so he can watch at a later date.

Mark played King Robert Baratheon in the first series of Game of Thrones and while he still loves the show, his busy schedule means he has fallen behind the series.

“I’m not fully up to date,” he said. “I don’t know who’s still alive from the old days, although I know Sean Bean’s character is dead! I want to go back and read the books and then watch the show, but I keep getting distracted!”

Mark admitted he was enjoying book three of the series of novels Game of Thrones is based on, A Song Of Fire and Ice, but had to put it on hold to concentrate on his latest show New Blood, which screens on BBC iPlayer from Thursday, June 2 before screening on BBC1 the next week.

He also revealed that he wishes he could have survived in the series a bit longer. “Game of Thrones was a fantastic project to work on it’s just a shame I was only in it for seven episodes!

“But lots of characters die in that show, so I’m quite grateful I got as long as I did. It was great to be involved at the start although no one could have predicted how much of a success it was going to be.”

Mark continued: “They still make you feel that you’re part of that family. I always get invited to the premiere of the new series and they always make an effort to make you feel involved, even though your character is dead.

"I’ve done a couple of ComicCons and the fans are amazing. I got a letter from Russia the other day from a Game of Thrones fan, which was unbelievable considering I haven’t been in it for years!"

Sean Marland

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