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Mean Streets (1973) | Blu-ray release – Martin Scorsese's iconic crime drama even more gripping in HD

Mean Street Blu-ray

'One of the best American films of the decade' Time Out

'An acclaimed classic for a long time but what doesn't get said too often is how wonderfully funny it is… The movie's blazing energy is still astounding' The Guardian

'It really was accurate, that was my life' Martin Scorsese

One of director Martin Scorsese’s most personal and powerful films, Mean Streets stars De Niro and Keitel as Johnny Boy and Charlie, Italian-American cousins, small time criminals hustling, fighting and carousing, doing whatever it takes to survive in the rough and ready New York neighbourhoods.

Mean Street (1973)

Mean Streets is out now on DVD and Blu-ray (for the first ever time in the UK), from Icon Home Entertainment, and features an audio commentary with director Martin Scorsese, actress Amy Robinson and co-writer Mardik Martin, trailer and vintage featurette.

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