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'Mrs Brown's Boys' to return for a Halloween anniversary special

Mrs Brown's Boys - Brendan O'Carroll as Agnes Brown
(Image credit: BBC)

Mrs Brown's Boys will make a return to TV with a brand new Halloween special later this year!

The BBC has confirmed that Brendan O'Carroll's hit comedy series will make a one-off return to mark the 10 years since the show debuted on BBC1.

Info on the plot is very vague, as the BBC has only said "there's spooky going's on in the Brown household where anything can, and probably will happen." The BBC has also not confirmed a release date for the special just yet, either.

Brendan O'Caroll (who plays the title character) says: "It's a huge thrill to do another "live" show for the BBC. It'll be so wonderful to see them nervous all over again. 

He added: "We will be trying our best to stick to the script, but honestly a script is just a guideline. Ha ha ha!! Bring it on!"

Charlotte Moore, BBC's Chief Content Officer, commented: "I'm thrilled that we are marking the 10th anniversary of the award-winning Mrs Brown's Boys coming to BBC One with this very special live broadcast.

"A huge thank you to Brendan and the team for keeping us all so brilliantly entertained for a decade. I can't wait to see what mischief Agnes and family have in store for us this Halloween."

Last December, Brendan confirmed that Mrs Brown's Boys would be staying on the air until 2026. At that time, he'd signed a massive deal with the BBC which confirmed that the Beeb would continue to broadcast Christmas specials for the next five years.

Mrs Brown's Boys began life as a theatre production and was first broadcast on BBC1 back in 2011. The first live show aired in summer 2016. 

The show has won numerous awards over the years, including a BAFTA for best scripted comedy in 2012 and no less than five National Television Awards for the most popular comedy TV show between 2013 and 2020.

You can catch up with previous episodes of Mrs Brown's Boys on BBC iPlayer For more information on all the latest shows, check out our TV Guide.