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New Neighbours star introduces us to Jane's 'brash' daughter Nicolette

Neighbours, Charlotte Chimes, Annie Jones
(Image credit: Channel 5)

Aussie actress Charlotte Chimes gives us the lowdown on Jane Harris’ daughter Nicolette Stone and teases what to expect next

Hot on the heels of Jane Harris’ surprise return to Ramsay Street (opens in new tab) is a brand new resident… Jane’s feisty daughter Nicolette Stone! Aussie actress Charlotte Chimes chatted to to tell us more about her new Neighbours (opens in new tab) role.

So far the most we’ve known about Jane’s family life is her devotion to her late grandma Mrs Mangel, so it came as a bit of a surprise when we learned that Jane had a grown up child.

“It was amazing to be cast as Jane’s daughter! What comes with that is the most incredible backstory for Nicolette as a character,” revealed Charlotte, who previously starred in Australian comedy, The Verge.

“Because Annie Jones has been on the show so long, she’s so rich in her character of Jane, so it’s really fun for the two of us to play together.”

Neighbours, Nicolette Stone

Nicolette's meeting with estranged mum Jane leaves her upset (Image credit: Channel 5)

We first see Nicolette, a nurse, when she’s contacted by Jane’s friends, who are worried following the break up of her short-lived marriage to Des Clarke.

Why Jane and Nicolette have a difficult relationship in Neighbours...

Despite Nicolette’s obvious concern, daughter and mother have fallen out over her disapproval of Jane’s whirlwind wedding. But their tricky relationship started a long time before.

“She felt abandoned by her mum growing up because Jane was always looking after Mrs Mangel,” explained Charlotte, who also confessed that Nicolette being gay has proved a sticking point.

“When she finally came out to Jane, which is a big deal to come out for the first time, especially to your mother, Jane said ‘I accept you, but let’s not tell your grandmother’.

“That was incredibly hurtful, like a knife to the heart. Nicolette has carried that with her, her entire life which has shaped who she is.”

Neighbours, Jane Harris, Nicolette Stone

Jane is hopeful of repairing her relationship with Nicolette (Image credit: Channel 5)

Nicolette has been living in Canberra but after being drawn to Ramsay Street by her mum's plight, Jane is keen to get her to stay and asks Erinsborough hospital boss Clive Gibson to offer her job, although things will pan out in a slightly different way...

Charlotte revealed that the newest addition to Ramsay Street is certainly not going to be a wallflower, unlike her mother at the same age.

“She’s brash and a straight talker,” shared Charlotte. “When she loves, she loves intensely, but that can sometimes be really over-powering for her and sometimes she doesn’t know how to deal with her emotions or express herself effectively.

Neighbours, Chloe Brennan

Chloe Greyson makes a big impression on Nicolette

That brings us onto Nicolette’s first meeting with Chloe Greyson… As far as Nicolette is concerned the sparks are flying!

“She’s totally taken aback by her. She’s like, ‘Who is this incredibly kind, gorgeous, quirky, funny, weird person?’!”

With Chloe now pregnant to hubby Pierce, it sounds like Nicolette’s on a hiding to nothing if she’s smitten with her. But will she take things further?

“She’s happy with being just friends and that’s enough for her,” insisted Charlotte “But for anything else you’ll have to tune in and watch…”

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5

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