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Olly Murs angers fans of The Voice UK after repeatedly doing THIS during his debut as coach

olly murs
(Image credit: Jenni McKnight)

Olly Murs couldn't please everyone...

Olly Murs couldn't please everyone during his Saturday night debut on The Voice UK.

The former X Factor star frustrated plenty of viewers, with many accusing him of turning his chair around for every act that came on stage during the first episode of the blind auditions.

'Olly just wants ANYONE on his team. He’d turn his chair around to a barking dog,' one annoyed viewer tweeted.

Another agreed: 'Is Olly Murs going to turn around for everyone? Desperate MUCH?'

A third said: 'Olly Murs is a bit keen with his button-pressing isn't he?'

While a fourth claimed: 'Olly Murs is turning round for everyone.'

His eagerness didn't help him score team members though as he found himself being overlooked as a number of hopeful’s chose to join the teams of his fellow judges.

One singer, carpenter Jake, picked Jennifer Hudson over Olly after he failed to compete with Jennifer's pitch.

Trying to relate to Jake, Olly commented: 'All I’m going to say is I’ve been on this journey before and was the same age as you 26, 25, and I think my experience in the past can help you succeed.'

But his attempt to impress fell short after Jennifer hit back: 'I won an Oscar at 25! After doing a show like this at 22. And, I have a son as well so I understand.'

Olly's persistence paid off in the end as he bagged his first singer on 'Team Olly' - Lauren Bannon, who performed Lean On by Major Lazer.