Philo now has a referral program so you and a friend can save some cash on streaming TV


Streaming upstart Philo today announced a referral program. Every time someone signs up using your individual referral code, you'll get a $5 credit on your bill, and your friend will get $5 off their first month.

Philo is a low-cost streaming service that has a limited number of channels but also tops out at $20 a month. So if they have what it is you want to watch, you're going to be saving a lot of money. And the really cool part here is that there's no limit as to the number of folks you can refer — so theoretically you could be watching Philo for free month after month.

To find your individual referral code, head over to this link .

The fine print? This (obviously) applies to new subscribers. They'll have to be coming to Philo for the first time. If someone cancels before they pay for their first month of Philo, you won't get the referral credit.

Credits don't expire. (Though if you pause your account a ix-month clock will start ticking.) So if you were to refer, say, five new accounts (for a total of $25 in credit), the extra money would roll over to your next bill. (You'll still have to pay taxes each month on remaining balance, though.)

Also: These credits are also only good for new sign-ups after May 25. Nothing before that counts.

Philo is available on iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV later this summer, and on desktop browsers. (Though it gets a little tricky because not every channel is available on every device .)

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