Physical: 100 eliminates one of its biggest stars ahead of season finale

Yun Sung-bin and Ma Sun-ho's teams pulling the ship in Physical: 100
A big star bowed out of Physical: 100 this week. (Image credit: Netflix)

*This article contains spoilers for Physical: 100 episodes 7 and 8*

The penultimate Physical: 100 episodes have arrived, and the next challenge has eliminated one of the Netflix reality series' biggest names from the competition.

In episodes seven and eight, we got to see how Quest Three panned out and started to form our line-up for the series finale. Choo Sung-hoon and Jo Jin-hyeong's team managed to move the huge 1.5-ton boat across the room the fastest (taking just 13 mins and 34 seconds) to complete Quest Three. 

There was just a 2 min and 20-second difference between the remaining two groups, but the combined team of Jang Eun-sil and Kim Sang-wook's team of survivors groups was the slowest, so they were out of the race for the big cash prize. 

For Quest Four, the four surviving teams of five were each asked to submit a delegate to a series of trials inspired by ancient mythology. Each of the five members would compete in one of the five trials; the winner of each of these tasks would then advance to become one of the final five stars in the last stage of the competition. 

Team captain Choo Sung-hoon — also known as Yoshihiro Akiyama and by his nickname, Sexyama — stepped up to partake in The Punishment of Sisyphus, the final trial of Quest Four. In it, Ma Sun-ho, Yun Sung-bin, Jung Hae-min, and Sung-hoon faced a brutal endurance task that saw them repeatedly rolling a 100kg boulder up and over a steep slope repeatedly until only one survivor remained.

Choo Sung-hoon (center) discussing the challenges with his teammates.

Choo Sung-hoon (center) discusses the challenges with his teammates earlier in the competition. (Image credit: Netflix)

As one of the older contestants, Choo Sung-hoon has put in a truly impressive performance and stood alongside some of the toughest competitors, but this Sisyphean task proved to be his downfall. Although he managed to outlast Ma Sun-ho, Sung-hoon was forced to bow out in third place.

Speaking to the camera after he lost, Choo Sung-hoon made it clear how determined he was to go all the way but explained that he simply ran out of stamina as the task wore on. 

His elimination meant there were just two people left to duke it out for the final spot in the series finale: Professional cyclist Jung Hae-min and Yun Sung-bin, the latter of whom has been a frontrunner for the entire competition. 

In typical Physical: 100 fashion, we were left on a cliffhanger at this point, so we don't yet know who will be joining Woo Jin-yong, Kim Min-cheol, Park Jin-yong and Jo Jin-hyeong in the Physical: 100 series finale. Will Jung Hae-Min best one of the most feared contestants? Or will Yun Sung-bin make it to the final?

The first eight episodes of Physical: 100 are streaming now on Netflix. The series finale drops on Tuesday, February 21.

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