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Plex adds a schedule grid for live TV

Plex live grid

If you've ever been saying to yourself "Hey, Plex is great, but what it really needs for live TV is a guide," well, you're not alone. In fact, Plex has been saying that, too. And today, we have a guide for live TV.

Well, the Plex web app has a guide for live TV, anyway.

From Plex :

While we think that searching and our Discover view (see below) are often a faster way to access DVR-related content for users, many users are familiar with a traditional "TV grid" style schedule and may wish to use that. Displayed in a scrollable timeline format, the Channels view of the Guide gives you an overview of what's on every channel you receive. From here, you can see program details, schedule a recording, filter the timeline view to only show a certain day, and also scroll forward and backward in time.

A few caveats here. First is that, again, it's currently only in the web app. And you'll need Plex Media Server v1.13.2 and Plex Web App v3.53 or newer to view it. Also, you'll need a Plex Pass to get things going.

After that, it's basically a grid as powerful as you'd expect from the likes of Plex.