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Poldark star shares her reaction to fans' response to character's death

Poldark, Heida Reed as Elizabeth
(Image credit: BBC/Mammoth Screen/Mike Hogan)

"It was quite nice for them not to cheer and clap."

The latest series of Poldark ended on a dramatic note. In a tragic sequence of events, Elizabeth died after taking a potion in an attempt to induce the early birth of her baby.

Sadly, Elizabeth died just moments before her former lover Poldark arrived and attempted to save her - leaving Poldark viewers distraught.

"Wow. @ReedHeida You were so fantastic this episode! I was absolutely heartbroken!" wrote one fan on Twitter.

"I'd really began to feel for Elizabeth this series, and am gutted she's gone. Hats off to you and your fabulous performance of the character! She'll be missed!"

And it appears that actress Heida Reed was rather worried about the reception her departure would receive from fans.

She revealed, "It was quite nice for them not to cheer and clap, because to be honest I thought it could have gone either way, really!" she said on Sunday Brunch yesterday.

Aidan Turner is also finding Elizabeth's departure difficult - given that they were so close on the show.

"Losing a principal cast member who's been quite close to us all for the last number of years, it's quite big," he said earlier this year. "Losing a friend on the show is weird. It's a funny feeling. That was a big one."

The actress also revealed, however, that she's still in touch with her former colleagues.

She discussed how the cast still enjoy days out together - and often go bowling as a team. And she even revealed that some of the cast members have visited her in Iceland and met her family.

Series four of Poldark is expected to begin filming this Autumn.