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Prince Harry has a secret gardening skill, reveals Sir David Attenborough!

Prince Harry had a play fight with William and Kate’s chocolate biscuit wedding cake!
(Image credit: PA Wire/PA Images)

Prince Harry is useful with a shovel!

Prince Charles is famously green-fingered, but Sir David Attenborough has said Prince Harry is also a dab hand in the garden when it comes to planting trees.

Tonight, Sir David is given a tour of the Buckingham Palace garden in ITV’s new documentary, The Queen’s Green Planet.

Planting trees is often on the itinerary during a royal visit, although these days the Queen is more likely to send Princes William and Harry along to do the honours.

“The royal family has been planting trees around the world for generations,” says Sir David, who has had an entire genus of plants named after him.

“It’s a sort of royal 'I was here,' and a symbol of new life, growth and stability. There’s something life-affirming about it – one, two, three shovels, and people clap. Prince Harry is already an expert at royal-tree planting!”.

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Sir David added that The Queen is also a fan of trees. “The Queen’s love of trees goes back to her childhood.

“But the tradition of planting trees at Buckingham Palace goes back even further. In the early 1600s, King James I planted mulberry trees here as food for silk worms.”

The Queen’s Green Planet is on ITV tonight at 9pm.

Main pic: PA Wire/PA Images