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Dead or alive? Take the Sean Bean survival quiz

Wasted, Sean Bean
(Image credit: Dave King)

Sean Bean is back on TV in the new E4 comedy Wasted, one of his more unusual roles in that he doesn't die on screen! Test your knowledge of his screen CV in this fun quiz

Sean Bean is one of our favourite action heroes, equally at home among the hobbits or on the Napoleonic battlefields. But considering his hand-to-hand combat, sword and shooting skills, he dies on screen far more than your average film star.

Test your knowledge of The Full Monty star's incredible CV by answering the question – did he live or did he die? Flip the image to see if you were right or not.


You can watch Sean Bean playing a version of himself in the new E4 comedy, Wasted, which premieres on Tuesday, July 26, at 10pm.

Wasted, Sean Bean

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Sean Bean

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