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Ride Along 2 | Look out! Mismatched cop duo Ice Cube & Kevin Hart have teamed up again

Ride Along 2 Kevin Hart Ice Cube.jpg
(Image credit: Quantrell D. Colbert)
(Image credit: Quantrell D. Colbert)

A by-the-numbers sequel to 2014’s lame buddy-cop comedy, Ride Along 2 finds mismatched crime-fighting duo Ice Cube and Kevin Hart – one a hard-bitten Atlanta police veteran, the other a blundering rookie - trying to bring down Benjamin Bratt’s smuggling kingpin with the aid of Olivia Munn’s straight-arrow Miami cop and Ken Jeong’s shifty hacker.

Hart’s pint-sized motor mouth is meant be intensely annoying – he drives future brother-in-law Cube to grim-faced despair from the start – but the filmmakers clearly slipped up if they intended us to find him ultimately endearing rather than insufferable. 

Certificate 12. Runtime 97 mins. Director Tim Story

Ride Along 2 is available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD from Universal Pictures UK.