Robin Wright makes her feature debut in upcoming Sundance drama 'Land'

Edee (Robin Wright) sits on the steps leading to her cabin.
(Image credit: Focus Features)

In 2021, we will learn there are few things Robin Wright can’t do. The Emmy nominee will make her feature directorial debut with the upcoming Focus Features drama, Land. Wright spent time honing her director skills with the Netflix series House of Cards. She directed ten episodes of the acclaimed series and also played the role of iconic character Claire Underwood. Wright will star in the film as well. Land follows Edee's journey as she searches for a new way to live in the wake of a life-altering loss. The story is described to be about healing and the transcendent power of human kindness, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

In Land, Edee removes herself from society to embark on a solitary existence in Wyoming's remote mountain wilderness. She lives off the grid without any prior knowledge or experience about living in the wilderness. Edee is battered by the elements and is unprepared for nature’s punishing realities. She struggles mightily against odds that grow steeper by the day, but a timely encounter with a local man, Miguel Borras, opens the door to deeper understanding. 

Academy Award nominee, Demián Bichir, plays the role of Miguel and will star alongside Robin Wright. Jesse Chatman and Erin Digman wrote this script. In the official press release, Wright had this to say about why she was drawn to the script, 

‘There are so many stories of loss and pain in movies and in our daily lives. Frequently, there is a fundamental question asked: how do we get through it? That journey is never going to be the same for everyone – yet too often we, and those closest to us, have expectations about how we manage our grief and when we will be “better.” The time and space you need isn’t individualized. I loved this script right away because that idea is a central theme.’ 

Land is set to debut at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival and hits theaters on February 12, 2021.