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Romance set to blossom for THIS unlikely pair in Emmerdale

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It looks like there could be love in the air for one unsuspecting couple in Emmerdale next week... but who has been struck by cupid's arrow?

There's potential romance heading for the Dales as Emmerdale lines up a hot new couple in the village.

It has been revealed that next week's Emmerdale will see Billy Fletcher getting closer to Tracy Metcalfe... could this be a budding new relationship on the cards?

Since he arrived in Emmerdale, Billy has struggled to adapt to life outside of prison and has spent most of his time in the village causing havoc, much to the heartache of his long-suffering mum, Jessie Dingle.

Not only has he clashed with Aaron Dingle after it was revealed the pair spent time at Her Majesty's pleasure together, but he has also been warring with his half brother, Ellis Chapman.

Ellis accelerates towards Billy

Ellis tries to run Billy over in tomorrow night's Emmerdale

The siblings have made life a misery for each other, and despite Jessie's determination that her boys will see eye-to-eye, things are only set to get worse in tomorrow's episode when Ellis tries to run Billy down with a van.

But it seems Billy's fight with his brother could become a distant memory soon when he strikes up a relationship with Tracy. Could the B&B worker be just what he needs to take his mind off his feud with Ellis?

Tracy has been single ever since her marriage with David Metcalfe ended after he cheated on her with his ex, Leyla.

Billy and Tracy grow closer

Emmerdale are lining up a potential new romance between Billy and Tracy...

Even Ross Barton's attempts at flirting with Tracy were turned down flat, leaving her single but apparently not that ready to mingle.

But could Billy be the one to woo Tracy and sweep her off her feet?

The pair have both got rather chequered backgrounds, and they both have troublesome families that they could definitely share a few anecdotes about.

Maybe they're more similar than they first realised and this could be a match made in heaven?

So are they the next big romance in Emmerdale? Watch this space.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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