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Roof collapse mystery deepens as THIS familiar face returns to Coronation Street tonight

The Coronation Street roof collapse whodunnit takes a new twist tonight as a familiar face returns and puts themselves in the frame...

Tonight's Coronation Street takes a sinister turn when Ali Neeson and Ryan Connor are worried when they find someone has been creeping around the Bistro.

But instead of it being an intruder like they first think, it turns out to be none other than Robert Preston, who has been missing since the Underworld factory roof collapse last week.

As Ali and Ryan quiz Robert about where he has been for the past few days, he is evasive and brushes off their questions - but it's clear that he is keeping something from the pair.

Robert Preston in Coronation Street

Robert is back in Coronation Street tonight, but where has he been?

Having heard the details of the factory collapse, Robert's interest is clearly piqued and he makes the decision to stay put in Weatherfield for a while.

But Ryan isn't convinced that Robert is being entirely truthful and tells Michelle that he's suspicious of her former partner.

Michelle agress that something doesn't add up with Robert and asks Ryan to keep an eye on him at the Bistro, but his detective work soon ends in disaster.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Robert Preston is stunned when Michelle hands him Aidan’s will

Robert blamed Carla for his break up with Michelle and swore revenge...

When Robert hears Ryan relaying information about what he has been up to back to Michelle, Robert isn't happy.

Realising that Ryan has been spying on him, Robert is fuming and tells Ryan he's sacked... but what is he so worried about Ryan finding?

Is he cagey because he has something sinister to hide?

Coronation Street fans will know that Robert started a vendetta against Carla Connor after he believed she was part of his relationship with Michelle breaking down.

Coronation Street factory collapse suspects

Robert is already one of the factory roof collapse suspects...

The Bistro owner was fuming that Carla had got involved in things with Michelle, and gave her a chilling warning to watch her back just days before the roof of Underworld collapsed, killing Rana Habeeb.

Robert is definitely looking more guilty by the day, but is he really the one with blood on his hands?

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