'Rules of the Game' fans fear for Audrey the cat!

Rules of the Game star Maxine Peake
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Rules of the Game has started on BBC1, with fans gripped by the new Maxine Peake thriller. 

The first episode opened with police and ambulance crew outside Fly Dynamic, a fictitious family-run sportswear firm, after the shocking discovery of a dead body by Peake's character Sam Thompson.

From the get go, we know that this is a company rife with scandal, and that's before we take the dead body found in the atrium into consideration. There are plenty of dark secrets to be uncovered, with some being teased by HR director Maya (Rakhee Thakrar), a newcomer who's keen to shake up the lad culture the office has become known for. 

But it wasn't any of the human cast members that people seemed to be focused on, with many taking to Twitter to express their concerns for Maya's missing cat, Audrey, who escapes the new HR director's house and doesn't return home again! 

This has led viewers to worry that something might happen to the cat amid this murder mystery. 

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BBC Rules of the Game cat

Audrey the Cat definitely grabbed the attention of viewers! (Image credit: BBC)
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Other viewers suggested that Maya "couldn't be trusted" based on her "weird cat", and that she should never have let Audrey out the house because those breed of cats are expensive and prone to being stolen. So there was definitely a lot of focus on Audrey, and not necessarily the mystery surrounding the office death!

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Some people even worried that Audrey might end up dead as well, becoming an unlikely character to suffer a cruel fate in this four-part thriller. One concerned person said: "If the cat winds up dead 'for dramatic effect' I shall be sending a strongly worded email".

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Fans will have to wait until Wednesday's episode of the series to find out more about what's going on among the employees of Fly Dynamic, and hopefully learn about where Audrey's ended up after being left outside by her owner!

Rules of the Game continues on BBC1 at 9pm on Wednesday 12 Jan. Episodes are also available on-demand via BBC iPlayer

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