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Ryan Connor dead? 'I’m a bit worried that I’m being killed off already!' says Coronation star Ryan Prescott

Ryan Connor hit by car in Coronation Street

Will Weatherfield’s Ryan survive being mown down by Ronan’s speeding car?

Coronation Street star Ryan Prescott reveals he’s worried his character Ryan Connor will die after being struck by a car tonight in the soap.

Michelle Connor’s “son” has this week found himself the target of evil Ronan as the gangster vowed revenge for his son Cormack’s untimely death and the Ibiza DJ’s time looks to be up when he’s hit by Ronan’s speeding car.

And actor Ryan Prescott says he’s concerned he could be in for just a short stint on the show.

“I’m a bit worried that I’m being killed off already,” he laughs nervously.

Corrie has released a string of dramatic pictures, showing Ryan bouncing off the windscreen. Another shot shows Ryan being flung high into the air as he’s struck at speed.

Fatal blow? Ryan Connor bounces off the windscreen

Fatal blow? Ryan Connor bounces off the windscreen

Not surprisingly, the scenes called for a stunt double. However, Ryan reveals that he did do some of the stunts himself.

“I had a stunt double but I also got to do some of the stunts myself. I got to throw myself at the front of a car and it was great fun,” he reveals.

So, what will Ryan do if he does manage to survive?

“If Ryan comes out of this alive then his main focus will be his family. There’s always an underlying fear that he has this close connection to where he calls home, yet he isn’t actually blood related to any of them. That has an impact on all his choices.”

Whether Ryan Connor lives or dies, Ryan is thrilled to have been involved in a huge Coronation Street moment. “It was great being involved in such an intense storyline,” he says.

Coronation Street continues tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.